Solving the Sales Problem

Last week, ANZ Banking Group appointed a Chief Design Officer, Opher Yom-Tov, much like Apple did in 2015 with the appointment of Jonathan Ive. It seems that the world has been catching on to the importance of design, and the opportunity that exists for businesses to design their technology and process around the user.


But, what is design anyway?

For the team at Alive, we see design as a method of problem-solving Whether it’s a rostering system for care providers, a brochure for an event, student retention, or a better way to streamline your sales process – design helps solve a problem.  

Over the last 5 years, we have used design to help organisations optimise sales performance by:

  • Analysing and streamlining the sales process.
  • Providing tools that make it easier to access the right information.
  • Improving the user experience of the digital technology that salespeople use.

Our approach has always been focused on the user – design with the sales team, for the sales team to optimise sales results.


Our unique approach – Outcome Driven Design

Outcome Driven Design links customer-defined metrics to the job requirement, making digital products measurable and predictable.

While products may come and go, the underlying job requirement usually does not. While most companies try to improve on existing products, we believe that the product innovation process is improved by instead trying to find better ways to get the job done.

Qualitative data, such as customer feedback, sentiment and engagement results through to structured, quantitative data such as revenue, cross-sales, margin and profitability all help us get a clearer picture of the environment and the current job design.  Adding additional layers to the data mix, such as observational insights, geo-data and time stamping also reveals more about what the salesperson is trying to achieve at each step.

Through our unique Outcome Driven Design process, data and what it can tell us about the current ‘job’, is critical to developing a successful product. The process of involving key sales people and key customers through empathising, and understanding their daily activities and challenges adds to the chances of success for any new product or service.