The Brief

Demonstrate what is possible by gathering, organising and presenting mission critical information on a mobile device, leading to better decision making and situational awareness.


Integrated with existing enterprise systems, and introduced new forms of content from video streaming to business intelligence.


Brought together multiple feeds and different information types from existing sources, presented in one practical dashboard interface for iPad.


Introduced new ways of thinking about site management and connectivity to key information, allowing for timely and accurate decision making.

Prioritising vital information

Forging new user cases, and exploring new product opportunities demands new ways of organising information and presenting it. Applying a heuristic approach to problem solving allowed for iteration and feedback to be incorporated in pursuit of the most viable outcome.

Thinking beyond the now

On the surface, product features and business requirements can be bought to life. The real opportunities for innovation emerge from getting closer to users and the user environment to uncover new ways to delight.

Partnership Business Model

With a complex solution, the first release often provides more questions than answers. Our business model allowed us to stay involved and continue to design for continuous improvement.

Organising the user experience

Organising information around the user is made more challenging depending on the different categories of users, and their subsequent familiarity with the information. To add to the complexity of the challenge is the diverse set of information sources and integration required to deliver an elegant user experience to all users, all of the time.

Reviewing existing infrastructure

Part of working with the Enterprise, is the existence of a well established and highly capable information technology toolset. Understanding this toolset, and architecting a solution to work within this toolset involved documenting an API strategy, security protocols and directory standards.


Incorporating complex data and content feeds, and presenting this in a meaningful and useful way required close co-operation between solution architects and designers.

Business Design 0
Experience Design 0
Product Design 0
Agile Build 0
Partner Support 0

The Process

With a major focus on innovation that was feasible and viable, equal importance was placed on product and business design to satisfy the client brief.


Deep reviews of user and technology ecosystems

Solution Architecture

Detailed architecture to prove feasibility


Organising information sources


Demonstrating what is possible