The Brief

Alsco had a sales problem. Their field-based salespeople needed the tools to increase productivity, product knowledge, increased customer engagement, and significantly enhanced the quality of data available. iPad was seen as the best way to deliver the digital tools necessary to help address these problems.


Built on iPad and connected to the Internet on the go, all of the existing systems like Microsft Dynamics CRM were integrated into one device.


With real-time data capture and synchronisation with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, data and customer information is accurate and timely.


Success in sales is often a result of a consistent and persistent sales process.  The Sales Office solution ensures the same process is used everywhere, and best practice is captured.

Understanding the existing process

Alsco has been providing professional textile rental services since 1962. Sales teams spend a significant time on the road, engaging with prospective customers and creating proposals based on a wide range of services across Alsco’s diverse brand portfolio. Existing tools and systems limited their ability to work on the road with information in various systems leading to confusion, missed opportunities and mistakenly approaching existing customers—affecting performance of teams and the reputation of the brand.

The case for change

Now in its second major release, the Alsco Sales Office app has revolutionised the way field teams engage and interact with customers. Sales representatives have a renewed confidence knowing they have real-time access to Alsco’s portfolio of services. The improved user experience, has led to a significant reduction in administrative tasks, with the business recording a productivity saving of 10-14 hours per sales representative, per week.

Enhancements based on new technologies and feedback

We continue to work with Alsco and with the emergence of new technologies and Alsco’s transition to Microsoft Dynamic Cloud, there was an opportunity to enhance the solution, improve the performance and add new features.

Streamlining operations

The solution, mapped to the needs of sales teams streamlined their operations through unifying their array of tools and providing a consistent engagement framework with customers.

Prioritising focus and effort for results

A series of workshops and interviews were conducted to understand the challenges of the incumbent sales process and opportunities to improve the workflow. By focusing on the key problem, learnings and insights were prioritised for design and iteration with the goal of achieving highest impact to sales teams in the first version of the solution.

Project Components

From the original idea, through to release, support, and subsequent versions has come as a result of a partnership approach.

Business Design 0
Experience Design 0
Product Design 0
Agile Build 0
Partner Support 0

The Process

Our proven approach to building digital products that are adopted and deliver business benefits.

Business Design

Understanding the current sales process and the case for change

Experience Design

Ensuring that the right experience could be provided on a mobile device

Agile Build

Built in Swift for iOS to make use of the native iPad features


Providing ongoing help-desk and analytics supprt

“Alive will drive much stronger user engagement, helping free up valuable time. That’s compounded by a greatly enhanced presentation tool that makes us look even more professional, allows our sales teams to directly manage their sales pipeline, and most importantly, how they serve our customers – and potential customers. Alive has helped us unlock an incredible volume of additional business”

National Sales & Marketing Manager