The Brief

Touch Football Australia required an offical application designed for Ground Controllers, Staff and Referees to enable the recording of incidents and injuries at the touch of a button. This would be a dedicated App and digital service for Risk Communication, Management & Reporting for a safe sports environment.


The Sports Protect service was designed with ease of use in mind for a broad cross-section of users.  Its easy to use interface guides the user through the data input process with checklists, guides and reporting tools.


With the inclusion of check-lists, and a step-by-step user experience that validates the data inputs throughout the process, the chance of errors and missed information is greatly reduced.


With an increasing rate of injury year-on-year costing over $850K, Sports Protect addresses this by making playing surfaces safer for everyone.

Understanding the complete ecosystem

Conducting business and technical research, including key user interviews and completing an environmental scan allowed us to design and build a solution that works.

Uncovering new ideas

The sports insurance industry was ready for innovation and fresh thinking. Gathering global research, and having an opportunity to explore zero-based design, with no limitations allowed the team to push the envelope, and create a 'first' for the industry.

Product Design for multiple platforms

With a sports insurance application, aimed at referees, administrators and insurance administration teams, multiple platforms had to be supported, across mobile and desktop technologies. This required detailed and considered product design.

Implementation and adoption

Involving all stakeholders, and re-creating the existing risk management process meant that new user experiences could be introduced through the adoption of digital tools and techniques. These tools and techniques improved the accuracy of the data collected, and increased the volume of data captured through increased adoption.

Ongoing Support

For increased adoption, and realisation of the business benefits, PSC and Touch Football Australia required a digital partner to maintain and enhance the Sports Protect Service. The service is now in its second year, and activity is underway to explore broader applications of the Sports Protect product.

Project Components

Design and build was done alongside PSC Insurance, with close consultation with Touch Football Australia. The digital products and services continue to be supported by the Alive team.

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Partner Support 0

The Process

Investing time during the design phase to understand the current risk process and user personas' was important for building a product that everyone would want to use, and continue to use into the future.

Partner Support

“I really enjoyed the fast moving sessions, and your ability to keep everyone on track and draw out the really pertinent information. Most importantly, your skills to synthesise a lot of information into simple flows that the team can easily resonate is what made the real difference.”

Senior Sales Manager