The Brief

Re-invent the rostering and workforce management function for Aged Care Providers and help facilities become more financially sustainable.


With the target customers requiring simple and complete information in a complex environment, elegant design was an imperative.


Utilising the latest technologies, roster and schedule information could be displayed real time, allowing for better decision making and planning.


Complex payroll and award information for Health and Aged Care job roles required integration with existing systems and processes.

The case for change

Working alongside our partner, and the client stakeholders, we uncovered the fundamentals of the business case, and helped to shape the key deliverables early.

Understand multiple touchpoints

With multiple user persona's, points of integration, coupled with designing an industry solution required a deep understanding of the environment.

Design for an industry

Creating an industry focused solution, and working alongside a pioneering client required feature definition and prioritisation, ensuring that a product roadmap was outlined, delivering on broad but focused objectives.

Integrate with key systems

Payroll information, existing rostering systems and salary award rules all contain rules that could not be compromised or ignored. A future focused platform architecture, taking into account cloud services, security and scale was designed from the start.

Managed release

Replacing existing processes and habits required a gradual and closely managed release. Parallel systems were operated during release, and hands on support provided to ensure adoption.

Partner Support

In an industry where transformation is well underway, partnering with the right clients and industry leaders has already uncovered opportunities for innovation in workforce optimisation.


Our skills and experience were utilised in outlining the case for change, understanding multiple user persona's through to build and ongoing support, insight and enhancement

Business Design 0
Experience Design 0
Product Design 0
Agile Build 0
Partner Support 0

The Process

Collaborating closely the client and end users during the design and build process provided deep insight and engagement, resulting in accurate and timely delivery of outcomes.


Industry wide focus


Design for user adoption


Built for scale and transformation


Industry wide innovation

“We started out with the aim to support a key customer of ours, but soon discovered that there was an Aged Care industry looking for change. The Alive team have helped us to frame this opportunity, and create a solution that we recognise can be applied to a variety of other user cases across industries such as health care, retail and hospitality, to name a few. ”

Managing Director – Mirus Group