The Brief

Work alongside our global consulting partner to build the business case for change for the NSW Government to introduce Digital Licencing for 8.5 million citizens.


Work alongside our partner and Service NSW to develop the case for change, bringing together 11 Agencies, and examining 230 licences across NSW Government.


Design and create a compelling mobile prototype to demonstrate what was possible, and underpin the case for change, resulting in approval from multiple stakeholders.


Incorporating the feedback harnessed during the prototyping phase, we were to design the mobile and desktop experience for specific digital licence user cases.

Map the existing process

Research and interviews, alongside using basic prototyping to help everyone define the problem to be solved. End result is an agreed problem definition statement.

Wireframe possible solutions

Building a business case is often required to gain executive support and funding. Building a water tight business case means that all of the parameters are understood.

Working out loud for change

Sticky notes, public whiteboards, clear screens, project walls, daily stand ups - all practices to maximise the exposure and gather feedback from all users and participants.

Capture the digital touchpoints

With a solution provided across 8.5 million users, every channel had to be assessed and understood before decisions could be made on the optimal user experience.

Communicate with real examples

Nothing helps people to understand a solution better than a working prototype that allows for interaction and feedback.

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Working across multiple phases from co-designing the business case, to designing the user experience required the Alive team to demonstrate a variety of skills.

Business Design 0
Experience Design 0
Product Design 0
Agile Build 0

The Process

Engaged across multiple phases, the Alive team assisted our global consulting partner in the design and validation of the business case, concluding with the design of the digital licence experience for Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) agencies.


“Alive continue to deliver real outcomes, with a focus on design doing — not just design thinking. 
This is their differentiator in a world where everyone is a consultant.”

Program Director, Service NSW