CARD SERVICES: American Express

The Brief

Design a solution to enhance the ability of American Express Client Managers to present the American Express merchant value proposition, and capture customer feedback and information.


Client Managers were not preparing for customer presentations, and were left presenting inaccurate and irrelevant information.


Client Managers were wasting time compiling sub-standard presentations, without access to the latest content or technology.


With access to relevant information, data and insights, and the latest technology, improved customer conversations lead to sales success.

Understanding the business problem

Research and interviews, alongside using basic prototyping to help everyone define the problem to be solved. End result is an agreed problem definition statement.

Prioritising focus and effort

Everyone wants a solution to do everything…now. Using principles of minimal viable product (MVP), we can help you prioritise on the features that matter the most.

The business case for change

Building a business case is often required to gain executive support and funding. Building a water tight business case means that all of the parameters are understood.

Hands on experiences

Nothing helps people to understand a solution better than a working prototype that allows for interaction and feedback.

Supporting current business systems

Feasibility is the vital ingredient to most complex products. The most elegant and obvious solution needs to be able to integrate and support current technology infrastructure and processes.


By applying the principles and practices of design to understand user needs, technology capability and the business case, we help clients make better decisions.

Business Design 0
Experience Design 0
Product Design 0
Agile Build 0
Partner Support 0

The Process

Working closely with Client Managers across the country, the design phase was central to getting greater engagement.


User interviews, Day in the Life Of and review of existing tools


Experience design, feature identification and high level solution architecture

Product Development

Feature prioritisation, wire-framing and prototyping for feedback


Hand over of the finished product, ready for release and adoption

“After many attempts at creating a tool to ensure our client managers presented the best possible solution for clients, a design-led approach proved to be the break through. Engaging users early and often meant that they were more likely to own the final product, and be proud to use it.”

Product Manager