The Brief

Financial services and Fintech are creating headlines around the world. We were asked to design an innovative ground-breaking product for commodities inventory management.


With multiple stakeholders, across a global marketplace, gaining in-depth understanding, and achieving alignment were key challenges, and essential for adoption and success.


Designing and creating a product from scratch, that is the first in market is exciting and challenging.  Defining the market and confirming the business case became key to the change agenda.


In a volatile global market, finding alignment across product features and user cases required detailed documentation and stakeholder management. The result was access to vast opportunity.

Detailed business understanding

Financial Markets is a complex, fast moving sector. A detailed and exact understanding of the business principles and mechanics was the right place to start before solutions could be proposed.

Leading the world

Having the opportunity to design ‘first in the market’ products is exciting as they are scary. Defining and making markets is an important by-product of our design-led approach; uncovering opportunities as we progressed.

Global product for global markets

Designing for a global market from the start was exciting, requiring constant testing of concepts and user experience. Techniques such as paper prototyping and clickable prototypes were used to get the world on the same page.

Engaging with existing technology

Existing banking systems ensured that a jointly constructed technology architecture was a driver for success of the product. Working with the existing genius within the client business and leveraging the technology systems in pace, a solution architecture was part of the product design.

Explaining the ways of working

For many sectors in the market, design principles and approaches to innovation are foreign concepts. During the early stages of complex product design, it is necessary to outline the process and approach, and train stakeholders in tools and techniques for a successful engagement.


Applying user-led design to financial markets allowed for new ways of thinking, and innovation in product design.

Business Design 0
Experience Design 0
Product Design 0
Agile Build 0
Partner Support 0

The Process

Introducing the team to the potential of a design-led approach to creating new solutions for new markets was ground breaking.


Defining the problem, and feature prioritisation

Experience Design

Paper prototyping, and user group workshops

Product Design

Complex interactive prototypes and user feedback

Solution Architecture

Planning for secure and complex integration with existing platforms

“Alive have really exceeded our expectations on both delivery of the prototype and also helping educate our stakeholders on Customer Centred Design.”

Executive Director